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With a combination of passion, design, and tested strategy, we help clients build the brands people are drawn to.

What kind of experience do you want to create for your customers?



Briighter makes work that influences customers and builds business value. We collaborate to identify growth opportunities, and the steps required to bring them to life. We think Bigger, Bolder, Briighter.


Great marketing is about building strong connections. It starts with understanding your core business to establish an authentic brand. Through this process, we map effective ways your brand can engage with its audience.

Health & Wellness in the Workplace

What powers all successful companies is its people. We help business leaders build cultures and programs that promote wellness within their company. This creates an environment for innovative and sustainable growth.


About Us

Briighter was founded by Robert Hartt, who has assisted numerous Fortune 500 clients with their digital transformation strategies.

Briighter is focused on working with clients to grow their market size, and creating workplaces that are founded on principles of mental and physical wellness.

Passion drives us to create action plans for sustainable success. Our belief is that good strategy and direction should inspire and excite people about the future.

Robert Hartt